Motion Design with Figma 2022

  • Animations
  • Motion Graphics
  • UX/UI

GSAP GreenSock

GSAP Greeensock Animation:

  • SVG
  • Timeline
  • Scroll-trigger


Docker & Kubernetes 2022

  • Images
  • Containers
  • Deployment

GitHub Hosting

Publishing Apps & Sites

  • GitHub Pages
  • Static Sites with Jekyll
  • GitHub Wiki


NodeJS Complete Guide 2021

  • MVC
  • GraphQL

Next.js & React

Next.js & React 2021

  • Strapi
  • Cloudinary
  • Heroku


Full Stack Modules 2021:

  • D3 Data Visualization
  • Backend Dev & API's
  • Quality Assurance

Next.js & React

Next.js & React 2021

  • Static Site Generation
  • Server-side Rendering
  • MongoDB & Firebase

D3 Data Viz

NYU Data Visualization Certification with D3.js and Tableau 2021

CSS Developer

Certification of Completion Comprehensive CSS Learning Path 2021

React & GraphQL

Certification of Completion GraphQL GitHub Repo Query Project 2021

Fullstack Developer

Certification of Completion Fullstack Developer Learning Path 2021

Next.js Developer

Certification of Completion Next.js & React with MongoDB & Firebase 2021

React Developer

Certification of Completion Fullstack React Apps with AWS Hosting 2021

Electron & React JS

Certification of Completion Build a Chat App w/ Electron&React 2021

D3 Data Viz

Certification of Completion D3 Data Visualization Project Course 2021

Mosh Master React

Certification of Completion ReactJS Brush-up Course 2021

ES5 → ES6

Certification of Completion Modern JavaScript from the Beginning 2021

React Native Guide

Certification of Completion React Native Course with Firebase

Copes JS Bootcamp

Certification of Completion of Flavio Copes JavaScript Bootcamp 2020

Complete React

Certification including Hooks, Redux, React Router & Firebase on the backend 2020

Frontend Dev

Certification of Completion of LinkedIn Frontend WebDev Course


Full Stack Modules 2020:

  • JS ALG's & Data
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Front End Libraries

VueJS Courses 2020

  • Vue 3 Web apps w/ Firebase
  • Vue 3 Router, Vuex, Composition API

Git Bash & CI/CD

Certification towards LinkedIn Frontend Web Developer Diploma 2020

IT TSS 2020

  • IT Support
  • IT Networks
  • Operating Systems
  • System Admin
  • IT Security

Python Crash 2020

  • Python Syntax
  • Python Data Structures
  • Python Programming
  • OOP

JavaScript ES6 2020

  • ECMAScript 6+
  • Ajax & Fetch
  • Scope, Closures & Classes
  • Apps & Performance
  • JSON & Prototypes


Trainer & Translator

Easterbrook Training, Wien


Starting my own company was a logical decision following a decade of third-party contracts. I had been approached by numerous companies to provide training services and duly did so.


  • Presentation&PPT seminar
  • Translation service
  • English for commerce
  • Sales, training & accounts

Senior Seminar Trainer

biz-talk Consulting, Wien


Seminar trainer for bank and government. Often with an emphasis on legal & contract English as well as finance and accountancy whereby, presentation skills played a major role.


  • Participant requirements
  • Compiling course material
  • Level testing
  • Progress monitoring

Senior Seminar Trainer

Amerika Institut, Wien


Senior trainer for specialised courses for individuals and government focussing on finance, presentation skills with interview preparation being a topic which proved to in big demand.


  • Participant requirements
  • Compiling course material
  • Level testing
  • Progress monitoring

Seminar Trainer

Autin & Associates, Baden


As assistant seminar trainer my main focus was on the language skills element of the negotiation seminar and supporting the lead instructor and participants as needs be as well as seminar infrastructure.


  • Language training
  • Video & audio
  • Seminar logistics
  • Participant support